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Australia’s Premier Virtual Address, Mail Forwarding & Redirection Service

  • Mail redirection, Australia-wide or International
  • Mail scanning services (view your mail online)
  • Virtual address(we scan and upload your mail)
  • Personal & business mail forwarding services
  • Mail forwarding on-demand or on a schedule
  • RV and Caravan travellers mail services

Mail forwarding & redirection service by Aussie Mailman

Aussie Mailman is an Australian mail scanning service and mail redirection business operating since 2010 based in Sydney, New South Wales. We offer the ideal mail scanning and forwarding service anywhere to keep you up to date with all your mail correspondence whether you are in Australia or elsewhere in the World.

Enjoy a secure Postal Box mailing address which we provide you located in Sydney as your Postal or Virtual address for the safe storage of all your postal mail and small parcels. Your mail is held for as long as you have a valid account until you advise us of the forwarding address for your mail.

We have available virtual addresses for your convenience where we can scan and upload your mail to our secure website or email for viewing. This allows you to login and view your mail at any time, and from anywhere in the World.

We provide you with a new mailing address at our secure mail receiving facility where all your mail is forwarded to your new Aussie Mailman mail box. ID-Free Addresses available for an additional monthly charge.

Whether you are Interstate on work, traveling around Australia, overseas on holidays, education or career pursuits ... it's all the same need. You need a mail forwarding address to receive your mail. Did you know that your travelling expenses could be tax deductible while working away from your regular home address? Contact us for further information about the tax deductible process.

What we at Aussie Mailman promise you is simple: quick, confidential and selective mail forwarding/redirection services ... direct to you.

Check out the Monthly Special Pricing at the Costs page (click here for more info…).

Aussie Mailman provides the means so you can stay regularly and securely in contact with all your mail correspondence for home or work from anywhere in Australia or the world, so that you can manage your affairs. Aussie Mailman dispatch via Australia Post or upload your mail for you every business day of the year, except on NSW public holidays. We even have plans with your permission that allow us to open your mail and scan the contents of your mail so you can read your mail anywhere at any time.So for better or for worse, wherever and whenever you travel, you need your mail.

Call Us during business  hours on: 0477 776 892

Alternatively, send your contact details via our Mail Forwarding Service enquiry form, and one of our team will get back to you within one business day.

Customer Testimonials

Debbie B January 2017

Many thanks for your great service.


Avner-locatation Israel August 2016

Thank you Peter for your service.

Robert & Margaret April 2016

We both thank you and your staff for your services and will definitely let other people know about Aussie Mailman. It is a great service you perform and will recommend you to other travellers.

Alys Feb 2016

Hi Peter Thank you for all your assistance and we have really enjoyed your service. Cheers


Bruce-Singapore April 2015

Hi Peter We have completed our move from Singapore to Sydney and believe that all important mail has now been redirected to our home. The service has been excellent and made a significant contribution to the efficient managing our our Australia/Singapore connections. The need for an Australian address cannot be underestimated for expats. Many people including institutions find it difficult to deal with people overseas. Your service provides that connection. Thanks Bruce

Bill December 2014

We are home. thanks for your good service. Bill


E & N 1 August 2014
We have been with Aussie Mailman for the past three year's only to find his service to be A1.Thank you Aussie Mail man..

Jolyn-USA 30 October 2014
Hi Peter,
Thanks for the wonderful service.
The last package you sent me arrived safe and sound...and quickly I might add!

John & Denise 15 July 2014
We have appreciated the great, reliable and efficient service you have offered us over the last 12 months. If in the future we get to do some more travelling we wouldn't hesitate to come back to Aussie Mailman.

Magnus 19 March 2014
Thanks for a good service, we would like to continue....Will top up the account soon,Thanks.

Bruce C 18 November 2013
I would like to extend my standard service for a further twelve months. The service continues to work well for me.

Vickie T 20 September 2013
I will be travelling again in about six months time, but I won't need the service in the interim, so I think I should start again after I know when I am definitely going. Thank you for your excellent service over the past 3 years.

Jean E 3 July 2013
Hi Peter, Please can we extend our service for another 12 months, at the same level we have had. I will top up account today thanks.

Terry & Marie 27 June 2013
We have been pleased with your service and would not hesitate to recommend you to other people, it has been great to deal with you. Thanks for all you have done. Regards.

Debbie B 11 May 2013
I have topped off the account to cover us for the upcoming year. Thank you again for the great service.

Phil B 21 April 2013
Thanks for the last year and hope it all goes well for the next. Regards

Alex A 31 October 2012
Thank you very much for the personal service. Aussie Mailman is fantastic and I will use you again. Cheers

Leo M 5 July 2012
Thank you for your help over the years and I have nothing for praise for what you do. I will recommend Aussie to our friends and if and when we are on the road again will register again.Thanks and all the best.

Akua A 5 May 2012
The service you provided, including the scans of envelopes was great. It made life easier especially with moving so much knowing that the mail would find me. Thanks a lot and I will definitely use this service again.

Paul J 6 April 2012
Hi Peter, Thanks for looking after our mail, Great Service. We’re are living at our new address now and no longer need your service, kind regards.

Lizzie 29 April 2011
Hi Peter we are now living at our new address, so we will be cancelling your service and any mail received after the final date can be returned to sender. Many thanks for all your help over the last year. Kind regards.

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Easy to setup
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