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Pricing For Mail Redirect & Forwarding Services

PPU Service

If you only want parcels to be forwarded please read conditions at the bottom of the page


All Pre-Paid service fees commence for 12 months at date of payment and will expire at 12 months whether all used or not so are to be renewed every 12 months as the remaining balance expires at this time.


Free, available online your account.

. Set up Fee

$15 once off payment non-refundable

. Monthly Charge


. Two levels of PPU Memberships available

Standard with no scanning available or Gold which has envelope scanning and content available for any mail received.

. Mail Received

$3.00 per envelope.

. Scan Fronts of Envelopes

$1.00 per envelope of all mail received for Gold Membership Clients (automatically processed).#

. Scan Contents of Envelopes

Gold Membership Clients $4.50 per envelope up 3 pages# then $1.50 per page. The scans are held on server for 30 days for Gold Membership Clients.

. Scan Contents Secure Storage

Free for 1 month # . The content scans can be requested to be reloaded for up to 12 months after initial upload at a cost of $5.00 per file for Gold Membership Clients.

. Forwarding Mail

Stamp costs plus $4.50 per one envelope of ours to an Australian address or $6.50 to an international address (each) time we post to you if via registered or express $7.50 domestically or internationally $8.50 handling fee, not every envelope of yours which could be as many that will fit and is under 500g in total.

. Parcels Received

$4.00 per parcel received.

. Parcels Forwarded

Australian address costs are stamp costs plus $8.00 handling fee or if over 1.25kg $12.00.
International address costs are stamp costs plus $16.00 handling fee or if over 1.25k $20.00 Mail over 500g or more 20mm in thickness is a parcel.
All parcels sent by courier for parcels or letters the handling fee is $32.00 plus courier charges.
Repacking or consolidating multiple parcels into one parcel is time based charge plus cost of bubble wrap if needed.

. Storing Mail

Free up to 1 week (7 days starting from the day of receiving the mail item)at this time then $2.00 per week or part week per mail piece held. Weight restrictions also apply with additional costs.

. Recycling Mail


. Shredding Mail


. Search Fee

Mail items received which do not display a Customer Number or the Name isn't registered or incorrect PO Box Number will incur $4.00 per mail piece search fee.

. Pre-Paid Advance service fee required

Forwarding to Australian addresses initial payment $20.00 for Standard service or $30 for Gold service.
Forwarding to International addresses initial payment $100.00
All Pre-Paid advance service fees are non refundable or refundable for change of mind and valid for 12 months from the time of the initial payment, at which time the remaining balance will expire .
All Pre-Paid advance service fees are to be renewed every 12 months.

#Only available for PPU clients who select the Gold Service.


Please note your membership maybe be cancelled if you aren't a regular letter forwarding client and only want to forward goods purchased in Australia.

Depending on your location your Payment may be needed to be via Western Union. Please contact us for further details.

All parcels will need to have a written authority provided by yourself in advance with your Government issued photo ID attached giving written authority to Aussie Mailman to accept the parcel as we aren't the addressed person for the parcel.

Remember it is your obligation to provide in advance all invoices and/or tracking details of your parcel prior to being delivered to our address.      

Finally some parcels can not be delivered to PO Boxes a street address may be available for an additional fee subject to your Government issued ID being supplied and payment in advance.      


Call Us during business  hours on: 0477 776 892

Alternatively, send your contact details via our Mail Forwarding Service enquiry form, and one of our team will get back to you within one business day.

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